Harrison Castings Ltd is a specialist manufacturer of aluminum casting components. We manufacture raw or fully machined aluminum sand castings from our foundry in Leicester, UK and supply the US market.

For over 100 years Harrison Castings has established a strong reputation in the casting industry, satisfying clients not just in the UK, but all over the world. The core principle behind our development is the constant upgrading of in-house capabilities, new technologies and people skills.

Working to strict international standards, and fully accredited to British Standard ISO 9001:2015, we pride ourselves on being one of the world’s leading aluminum casting companies.

Aluminum Sand Casting

We manufacture high quality aluminum sand castings up to 350kg in weight, producing over 1,500 tonnes of quality aluminum sand castings every year.

Because up to 80% of the molding sand we use is reclaimed, sand casting is a highly efficient and cost-effective process. More on Aluminum Casting.

Foundry Capabilities

Our impressive facilities allow us to produce sand castings for a diverse range of industries all over the world. Our foundry capabilities include pattern making, core making, melting, finishing, heat treatment, testing & inspection and machining.

Our facilities include 4 production cells, efficient finishing facilities, shot blast, heat treatment, fully equipped laboratory and extensive metal control including rotary degassing. More on Our Capabilities.


From our foundry facilities in Leicester in the UK, we deliver castings for a wide range of industries and applications. Key industries for Harrison Castings include Light Construction Vehicles, High Horse Power Engines, Medical, Energy, Defense and Engineering. More on Industries.

Everything we produce is made to satisfy exacting customer requirements.

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As one of the largest sand casting foundry in the UK, every year we produce over 1,500 tonnes of high-quality aluminium sand castings, in addition to the aluminium gravity die castings we create too.