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Harrison Castings produces high quality aluminum castings for the defense industry. Our castings for are used on the Warrior fighting vehicle, CV90 infantry fighting vehicle and the Challenger 2 main battle tank (MBT).


Working with UK defense subcontractors, a number of vital components are produced in our Leicestershire foundry. Aluminum castings are durable and supremely resistant to corrosion, yet also comparatively lightweight. As a result, they are ideal for use in military vehicles. They are strong enough to ensure years of reliable use, yet their lightweight qualities ensure that the tanks remain as swift and as manoeuvrable as possible.

Tracked Vehicle Castings for the Defense Industry

Most of the aluminum castings we produce for the defense industry are used as part of the gear systems in tracked vehicles. Gearboxes are amongst the most complex of all components, and when it comes to the defense industry, nothing but the highest standards of precision, durability and quality will make the grade.

At Harrison Castings, every project we undertake is driven by our strict adherence to BS ISO 9001:2015 quality regulations. We are therefore more than capable of satisfying the unique and sophisticated demands of the 21st century defense industry.

The type of casting technique we use when working with clients in the defense industry will depend on the size of the required component, and its intended use. For larger components in which strength and durability are the priority, we will use the air set sand technique. If, however, we are casting large numbers of smaller castings, we might instead make use of the gravity die casting technique.

In any case, our initial step is to undertake a full feasibility review of our customers’ requirements to determine the best production process

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