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Pattern making is one of the first and most important steps in the casting process. Though many factors can have an impact on quality, a casting is only ever as good as its tooling.

For efficient and cost-effective castings, high-quality foundry pattern making is of vital importance.

What Is Foundry Pattern Making?

The “pattern” is essentially a replica of the object about to be cast. Usually made out of wood, metal or model board, patterns are used to create cavities in molds. It is through pouring molten metal into these molds that aluminum castings are created.

Many factors have to be taken into consideration when designing a pattern to ensure the best and most cost-effective results. For example, some designs are simple and allow for easy removal from the mold. However some castings are complex and require careful pattern design / manufacture which can include the need for core assemblies to ensure patterns can be removed easily from the molds.

Foundry Pattern Making at Harrison Castings

Consultation between customer and foundry at the design stage is encouraged not only to determine how easily the product is manufactured but also to optimize cost, quality & reliability.

Using CAD/CAM data and high quality model board we ensure the accuracy & repeatability of our tooling.

Our Engineers design optimal feeding systems ensuring economical manufacture and consistent casting quality.

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