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Since 1992, Harrison Castings has operated in compliance with stringent environmental regulations.

With the arrival of the Pollution Prevention & Control Act 1999 came a company wide initiative to reduce waste and improve efficiency at every level of our operations.

We are dedicated to ensuring that all of our operations have as little an impact on the environment as possible, and our commitment is total.

With our thermal reclamation, we can recover up to 80% of the sand used in our casting processes. This helps us to recover some 6,000 tonnes of sand each year.

For over 18 years we have worked with the Leicester City Environmental Department and Loughborough University Consultants in order to develop approaches, material changes and processes to monitor every aspect of our environmental impact.

Here are just some of the working procedures we undertake on an almost daily basis in order to achieve our goal of reducing our environmental impact to the lowest possible level within available best practice solutions:

  • Continuous digital environment monitoring and recording of stack emissions to meet pre-determined particulate emission levels.
  • Daily visual assessment and recording of stack emission to atmosphere.
  • Annual external stack extractive testing for particulate, VOCs and amine by external contractors.
  • Two annual external audits by Leicester City Environmental Department to ensure strict emission compliance.
  • Maintenance regime of inspection of filtration plant, pressure relief valves and high level alarms to minimize the environmental impact in the event of plant failure.
  • Monitoring of energy consumption and continuous investment in the latest energy saving technologies.
  • Investment in holding and heating ladles designed to reduce energy wastage and improve productivity and quality.
  • Frequent improvements to production procedures to reduce possible scrap and consequent material wastage.
  • Regular calibration of mixer heads to ensure continuous accurate usage of resins.
  • Stringent recycling of all aluminum off cuts.
  • Minimisation of material waste, including greater use of computer accounting systems and digital internal and external communication to reduce paper usage.
  • Transportation carefully planned and routed for maximum efficiency with deliveries.

This list is by no means exhaustive. With all levels of our organisation working together, our commitment to minimising our environmental impact is ongoing.

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