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At Harrison Castings, we regularly produce aluminum castings for use in the medical sector.


Our flexibility and professionalism, combined with our commitment to achieving the highest possible medical casting standards at all times, has made us the trusted suppliers for some of the medical sector’s leading companies and manufacturers.

In 2011, we were approached by the world’s leading oncology treatment machine manufacturer to help develop a new patient couch that would last for the next 25 years. The challenge for us both was to design and manufacture a range of castings that would enable patients to be rotated 360 degrees, lifted and moved in any axis, and held in a single position for treatment.

This was particularly challenging, as not only would our castings have to satisfy the exacting specifications of our customer, they would also have to meet the stringent and demanding safety regulations required for American medical specifications.

In oncology, successful treatment depends entirely on the positioning of the patient. Not only must they be positioned in such a way as to allow for supremely precise radiation beam treatment, they must also remain completely static for the duration of the procedure. We had these requirements at the forefront of our minds when designing our method of manufacturing these castings.

However, thanks to our technical team and their years of experience, we were more than able to rise to the challenge. The patient couches are now in production, making full use of our high quality castings, and they very much meet all of the operating criteria set out. Thanks to our castings, perfect alignment is achieved each time. We take great pride in having played our part in developing such a lifesaving treatment process.

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