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Harrison Castings Ltd has been based in Leicestershire, UK, for over 100 years. 


Over 100 Years of Quality

Our founder, Robert Charles Harrison, already had 20 years of foundry experience when, in 1911, he set up his own small foundry in the stables behind his home in the village of Keyham, Leicestershire.

Since then, three generations of the Harrison family have guided Harrison Castings Ltd through a century of growth, development, and commitment to quality.

Today we are the largest aluminium sand foundry in the UK. From those humble beginnings, we now employ some 95 personnel and produce over 1,500 tonnes of aluminium sand castings every year.

2011 marked the Centenary of the foundation of our company. This short video details the history of the Harrison Castings Ltd, from its earliest beginning to the present day.

Throughout our history, we’ve celebrated quite a few landmarks and assisted in some truly exciting projects.

In 1941, the Gloster-Whittle E28/39, the first turbojet powered aircraft to fly successfully, used compressor casings cast in our foundry. In 1953, one of the largest aluminium castings ever to be made was cast at our Gough Road foundry – a 15ft diameter, four tonne wheel made for Dunlop of Leicester.

We have made 10ft tall crosses and candlesticks for St. Paul’s Cathedral, as well as castings for the Warrior fighting vehicle and Challenger 2 main battle tank.

More recently we have developed and supplied a range of castings to the world’s leading manufacturer of oncology treatment machines.

Having always striven to incorporate modern production techniques, we are now one of the world’s leading sand casting companies, able to produce high quality castings with a rapid turnaround time, all made to satisfy the sophisticated requirements of 21st century industry.

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