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At Harrison Castings, we regularly produce premium quality aluminium castings for use in high horsepower engines for the marine, construction, defence, and energy production industries.

High horsepower engines

Our flexibility and professionalism, coupled with our total commitment to quality, has made us the trusted provider to many of the world’s most influential and forward thinking companies.

High Horsepower Engine Castings

In today’s competitive market, high horsepower engines must maximise productivity whilst reducing engine operating costs and maintenance costs. As a result, they must be built to be reliable, robust, and durable, which means that nothing but the very finest aluminium castings will make the grade. At Harrison Castings, we specialise in quality and consistency, which means that we’re qualified to supply to some of the leading companies across a range of industries.

The high horsepower engines that we help to produce have numerous industrial and power generation applications. They are widely used for a range of purposes by waste water treatment plants, emergency and standby power generation plants, and in the production of both onshore and offshore oil and gas.

These machines are specifically designed to reduce noise pollution and minimise emissions in order to help companies across the world to comply with the latest global and regional regulations. At Harrisons Castings, we are always looking for ways to do our bit in reducing our carbon footprint, so we are particularly proud to play our part in manufacturing these machines.

Advanced Foundry Facilities

In our advanced foundry facilities, we are able to produce high quality castings for almost any industrial application. We make use of the air set sand casting technique, which means that there is technically no limit to the size of the castings we can create. It is for this reason that we are able to provide the materials required for high horsepower engines.

Harrison Castings is one of the largest aluminium sand casting companies in the UK. Everything we produce is made to satisfy exacting customer requirements, so it should come as no surprise that we have so many satisfied clients all over the world.

We work to strict international regulations, and we are fully accredited to BS ISO 9001:2015 quality standards.

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