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We cast high quality aluminium castings for use in the vehicles and equipment central to the construction industry.


Castings for the Construction Industry

Our aluminium construction castings are durable and supremely resistant to corrosion, yet also comparatively lightweight. As a result, they are ideal for use in heavy construction vehicles and are pressure tested up to 2000 kPa or 290 psi.

The castings’ strength and tenacity means that they enable articulated trucks to bear the extreme loads. The three axle articulated trucks are routinely required to transport heavy loads and yet the lightweight qualities of the castings ensure that the trucks remain manoeuvrable and fuel efficient.

Light Construction Equipment Casting

We also regularly produce aluminium castings for use in light construction equipment, where these qualities play an even more important role. This sort of equipment must be tough enough to get the job done, but light enough to be carried and used for extended periods. No material is more suitable for this task than aluminium.

Many of our aluminium castings are used in trench rammers, which may also be referred to as tamping rammers or vibro-tampers. These machines have vibrating base plates which are used to create level grades, or to compact the backfill in the narrow trenches created for water and gas supply pipes. This is achieved through driving the baseplate up and down, at high speeds and with a lot of force. Trench rammers must be powerful enough to compact a range of materials, including soil, sand, concrete and asphalt. However, they cannot be too heavy duty, as they are operated by hand.

As a result, our aluminium castings are ideal for use in the areas that will be subjected to the most force. Despite their lightweight qualities, they are more than capable of taking the strain.

Whether used in light equipment or articulated trucks, our exacting standards ensure that construction workers can enjoy years of effective and reliable use.

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