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Aluminium Casting

Harrison Castings Ltd has over 100 years of aluminium casting experience. In our modern foundry, we are able to produce high quality aluminium castings of up to 350kg in weight, and over 1,500 tonnes every year.

We have the facilities and the capabilities to produce aluminium castings for a wide variety of industries, including High Horsepower Diesel Engines, Defence, Gas Turbines, Machine Tools, Compressors, Pumps, Valves, Medical Equipment, Light Construction Equipment, Articulated Trucks, Photo Imaging and Printing.

Aluminium castings have many benefits when compared to the likes of steel or grey iron castings. It produces strong, corrosion-resistant castings with high electrical and thermal conductivity. Aluminium castings are comparatively lightweight, which results in lower storage and transportation costs. They are easy to machine and easy to recycle. Finally, aluminium is a tension free metal, which gives almost unlimited freedom in the shape and size of castings you can create.

Heat Treatment can further enhance their mechanical properties with maximum properties being achieved through a full heat treatment cycle of solution treatment, followed by a quench, and natural or artificial ageing.

Aluminium Sand Casting


Traditionally, aluminium casting was achieved using a process called green sand casting. This involved the use of wet sand in the creation of casting moulds. As a method, it was efficient and cost-effective, but not without its drawbacks.

During the early 1990s, Harrison Castings moved from the traditional green sand aluminium casting technique in favour of a process known as air set casting. This involves the use of a fast curing adhesive resin to create strong sand moulds. This technique is very versatile, as it technically places no limits on the size of the castings that can be created. This process is also chosen for castings of complex shape requiring intricate cores or for large castings.

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Aluminium Gravity Die Casting

The die casting method of aluminium casting is ideal when large numbers of simple or complex castings are required. This casting process results in an aluminium casting with smoother surfaces and good dimensional accuracy. This means that less fettling and finishing is required.

At Harrison Castings, we are able to offer customers with a high quality aluminium gravity die casting service.

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