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We have extensive experience in producing castings for a diverse range of businesses from a wide variety of industries all over the world. As such, we understand how to make aluminium castings that satisfy the exacting and specific demands of your industry.

Our foundry facilities allow us to deliver the following capabilities.

Pattern Making

One of the first steps of the casting process, pattern making, is very important. Provide us with a drawing or 3D model, and we will create a high quality pattern specifically designed to yield optimum casting results.

Our experienced team are able to make excellent castings to even the most demanding of customer specifications. Read more on our Pattern Making services.


Harrison Castings work with ‘key’ partners to offer quality assured and competitive services ensuring consistent, on time engineered components. Read more about our machining services.

Testing & Inspection

With our fully-equipped laboratory, we carry out full mechanical testing, sand testing and alloy analysis. This complements our extensive metal control systems that include rotary degassing, density indexing and spectrograph analysis. Read more on our casting testing and inspection processes.

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We have eight gas fired tilting aluminium melting furnaces onsite with a capacity ranging from 300kg to 600kg per melt. In addition, our 850kg electric holding ladle enables us to merge two furnace loads of material and undertake rotary degassing. Read more on our Melting furnaces.

Core Making

Harrison Castings specialise in sand casting core making and produce complex cores for small and large castings for a wide range of applications and industries. Harrison Castings’ core shop consists of 2 cold box core blowers and a Triton (TS5) 3 tonne per hour free standing sand mixer. Read more on our Core Making capabilities.

Heat Treatment

Though many aluminium castings are used in the “as cast” condition, some applications will require metal properties that are not present in the cast material, such as enhanced strength. We have aluminium casting heat treatment machinery for precipitation treatment (TE condition). Read more on Heat Treatment.

Thermal Sand Reclamation

In combination with our mechanical reclamation plants, the thermal sand reclamation plant allows us to recover up to 80% of the sand used within the foundry for the production of aluminium castings which is then re-used. Read more on Thermal Sand Reclamation.


We are able to carry out extensive finishing processes, including fettling, shot blasting and hard anodising.

Taking care of every aspect of the aluminium casting process, our facilities offer a complete solution that will boost your productivity and reduce your lead times.

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