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magma committed to casting excellence

What is it?

MAGMA 5 is the latest software available from MAGMA that optimises the casting process, improves production methods and helps Harrison Castings’ quest to produce defect-free castings. MAGMA is the leading supplier globally of software for casting excellence and we are proud to install MAGMA 5 in our aluminum foundry. Ultimately, this technology will help us produce the highest-quality product for you whilst saving everyone involved time and money.       

How does it work?

Here’s the clever bit, MAGMA 5 works by creating a simulation of the casting. We can input quantitative objectives and our critical production variables into the software. This data is then used to create a virtual casting design that gives us a huge amount of data to work with at our foundry.

What are the benefits?

Adding simulations dramatically improves the production process

The benefits of creating a simulation to improve casting development are numerous. For a start, with a traditional CAD model we have to develop a running system. Essentially, this is a method for pouring aluminum into one of our moulds. Once this system is built, we have to run our necessary tests to look for defects, performance issues and casting structure.

With MAGMA 5 you can simulate how this running system will look and perform. In this simulation, we can see any potential defects that we normally wouldn’t be able to see until the first casting is made. We can also virtually test how different aluminum alloys will work in each system allowing us to optimise the structure and properties of the casting.

Without having to physically build this system we can refine and perfect the casting process before we even reach the foundry. This technology means we can achieve superior technical benefits to those competitors without MAGMA 5.

Automation frees up our experienced members of staff

The future of manufacturing has always been to improve efficiency and produce the best possible product for the customer at a cost-effective price.

At Harrison Castings we want to embrace all that technology has to offer. It allows our highly-skilled and experienced members of staff to work with our customers to optimise the casting design which in turn will facilitate the manufacture of castings that will offer consistency order after order. We want our best people to work on creating a casting that delivers for you, installing the MAGMA 5 is another step to achieving this goal.

Harrison Castings' Technical Engineer and Technical Manager displaying their Magma training certificates

Marcin Polanski, Technical Engineer (left), David Hall, Maxima Engineering Ltd (middle) and Jon Bonham, Technical Manager (right).

Only the biggest and best foundries have this software

This software is the pinnacle of cast optimisation technology incorporating machine learning, detailed analytics and unparalleled data visualisation. The largest foundries in the country have this software and all our largest contractors including CAT, Skyway and Cummins now expect this game-changing software to be in place to produce safe, resilient and accurate castings.  

By installing the MAGMA 5 it outlines our commitment to invest in the very best casting software, setting us apart from our competitors and placing Harrison Castings at the forefront of casting production globally.

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